About Us

Join us to ignite positive change!

Youth Corps Singapore provides the breadth and depth of volunteering opportunities for youths through ad-hoc, regular and project-based service projects, with a focus on reaching out to causes such as education, environment, health, special needs, arts, sports and heritage.

Regardless of your skill sets, we provide ample opportunities for you to hone your skills, and develop new skills. You will also meet like-minded youths who are passionate about serving the community.



A caring and cohesive society with active citizens.


To champion for youth volunteerism through increasing social awareness, action and leadership.

Core Values

Compassion. Dedication. Resilience. Rallying Force. Innovativeness.

Our Story

“You are our future. You are idealistic, full of energy and passion. Go forth, change Singapore, and change the world, for the better. To help you do that, we will set up a youth volunteer corps.” 

Prime Minister Lee (National Day Rally 2013)

Launched in 2014 by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Youth Corps Singapore is a national institution that champions for youth volunteerism to build active citizenry for a caring a cohesive society by catalysing collaborations between youths, social service organisations and society. As a division under the National Youth Council, we empower and support youths, aged 16 to 35, who are keen to ignite positive change in society through community service.

We provide both breadth and depth of volunteering opportunities for youths during and beyond their school days. Regardless of your skill sets, we provide ample opportunities for you to hone your skills, and develop new skills. You will also meet like-minded youths who are passionate about serving the community.

Our Causes

Our Impact

277 Local and Overseas Projects
Over 7,000 volunteering opportunities
Close to 6,000 beneficiaries impacted
463,000 service hours
- Accurate as of December 2017 -

Join us to ignite positive change!



Ong Kah Kuang

Executive Director

Jaime Lee

Deputy Director (Programmes)

Angela Wong

Deputy Director (Engagement)

Goh Ann Tat

Assistant Director (Journey Crafters, Programme and Partnerships)

Steven Lau

Assistant Director (Journey Crafters)

Crystal Chua

Senior Manager (Community Collaborators)

Debbie Tang

Senior Manager (Community Collaborators)

Dy Kitratiprasan

Senior Manager (Programme Architects)

Lynn Goh

Senior Manager (Journey Crafters)

Rosie Sim

Senior Manager (Journey Crafters)

Edmond Kwek

Manager (Journey Crafters, Programmes & Partnerships)

Heng Yu Ping

Manager (Journey Crafters)

Sim Jia En

Manager (Programme Architects)

Nicholas Chan

Manager (Programme Architects)

Nicholas Lee

Manager (Journey Crafters)

Ong Shu Min

Manager (Journey Crafters, Programmes & Partnerships)

Rachel Kwan

Manager (Journey Crafters)

Tan Wan Yan

Manager (Programme Architects)

Terrena Tan

Manager (Community Collaborators)

Wong Yi Wei

Manager (Journey Crafters)

Yuslyana Yusof

Manager (Journey Crafters, Programmes & Partnerships)

Zann Liao

Manager (Programme Architects)

Christina Chew

Senior Executive (Corporate Administration)


At Youth Corps Singapore, we believe in partnering with other government agencies, Social Service Organisations and Community Organisations to impact the youths and social service sector. We would like to thank the following partners for their support.

Beyond Social

AMKFSC Community

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

Singapore Association for
Mental Health (SAMH)



Engineering Good

ETCH Empathy

YMCA of Singapore

Conjunct Consulting

Ground-Up Initiative

Hemispheres Foundation

Lakeside Family Services

Social Service Office

Youth Corps Singapore

Metta Welfare Association

Montfort Care

National Parks Board (NParks)

REACH Community Services

Sustainable Living Lab

TOUCH Community Services



Interest-based Groups are made up of Youth Corps Members and Leaders to allow them to pursue different interests and passion with a group of like-minded friends.


Our Interest-based Groups include:

  • Ambassadors Team
  • Assistant Mentors (Only for YCS Leaders)
  • Children, Youth and Family Cluster
  • Eldercare Cluster
  • Empathy Taskforce
  • Engagement Taskforce   
  • Facilitators Network
  • Special Needs Cluster
  • Volunteer Media Team
  • Yolden (Arts) EXCO
  • Yolden (Physio) EXCO
  • YEP Cluster


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The Faces of Youth Corps Singapore is a peer-nominated initiative which celebrates youth volunteers who embody the values of Dedication, Compassion, Innovativeness, Resilience and Rallying Spirit, and recognises them for their contributions to the community. The personal journeys behind The Faces of Youth Corps Singapore are shared at the annual Fireflies Volunteer Appreciation Day and serve as a source of encouragement to other youths, and to inspire them to do more for the community.




Agnes Ng

Lin Xun Jian

Benedict Koh

Lin Zehang

Cai Peixuan

Loh Hui Wen

Cham Reikia

Loy Yong Shin

Chanel Chan

Lye Keen Hoh

Chian Yuan Han

Afzal Hadi

Chin Wei Lu

Nabila Alkaff

Cho Ming Xiu

Ng Ching Siang

Chua Zi Xin

Nicholas Chia

Diana Ang

Oh Hui Ling

Edmond Goh

Ong Jing Wei

Emily Ho

Pang Yong Xian

Eng Yiwen

Rachel Chan

Grace Tan

Ramu Deepika

Jonathan Chiu

Randall Neo

Katherine Ang

Saifuddin Arif

Kerris Loh

Shemin Ayesha

Lam Hui Ju

Shaun Ng

Law Jia Yi

Shereen Ng

Lee Ci En

Tan Hui Min

Leo Wen Zhe

Tan Jun Ya

Leong Jia Xuan

Teo Hui Yi Calesta

Lim Ding Kun

Winnifred Wong

Lim Jun Cheng

Yeo Yi Xuan

Lim Shi Yun

Zann Ling


Children, Youth & Family Cluster – Enabling Journey Planning Committee
Kerris Loh
Shaun Ng
Winnifred Wong

YEP Cluster
Leo Xin Yi
Jasilyn Sim
Thin Thin Aung Myint

Eldercare Cluster
Huril Jannah
Kimberley Kao
Wong Tse Kang
Yeo Yi Xuan

YEP Cluster
Kwok Meng Kei
Lin Zehang
Liow Kuang Jie
Sean Ng

Azalea Wu
Teo Soon How

YOLDEN (Physio) – Together We Gai Gai
Lam Hui Ju
Low Pei Yi
Mohamed Abbas
Tan Hui Min

Team Swee
Emily Ho
Justina Tan

YEP Team Nias
Caleb Choo
Cassey Liang
Chan Lizhen
Hussain Khadijah
Irene Ng
Narkunan Gayathri
Peh Jun Xiang
Raymond Ho
Seah Kai Ler
Tan Kwan Hong
Tan Sze Meng
Tan Zhi Gang
Terence Teo
Vanessa Loh
Wu Jie Kai
Yen Yi Lin

Team Stirling Smiles
Afzal Hadi
Ernest Wong
Esther Tan
Kerris Loh
Nur Fatehah







Andrew Fong

Lim Shi Yun

Angeline Yong

Loy Yong Shin

Charlene Ng

Mohamed Abbas

Cherry Goh

Afzal Hadi

Choo Chia Lynn

Syazwan Suhri

Clara Chee

Ng Ching Siang

Crystal Phua

Ng Shi Han

Edmond Goh

Owen Tan

Eu Yan Jun

See Sin Beng

Gio Jason Orbeto Tarlac

Serene Chua

Ho Pei Yi

Shaun Ng

Hussain Fathah

Sheila Manokaran Valmeo

Jacelyn Chia

Shermaine Ng

Jamie Yeo

Tan Hui Min

Jane Lam

Tay Kai Wen

Javier Han

Valarie Teo

Kenneth Tan

Vanessa Chung

Kenneth Yap

Zann Ling

Lee Ci En

Zhou Lijing

Lim Ding Kun