Youth Corps provides one day or short-term opportunities for youths who wish to try out volunteering in the different sectors. You can participate in community service events organised by Youth Corps and our community partners at common spaces such as void decks and parks, under our newly launched Common Space for Common Good (CS4CG) initiative.

Youth Corps also organises its signature event, Youth Corps Service Week, every March. It is an island-wide community service to rally youths to volunteer. Volunteers do not need prior skills as Orientation and Trainings will be provided. In March 2018, over 1,500 youth volunteers impacted the lives of 1,200 beneficiaries over 7 days of service island-wide.

There’s something for everyone! Sign up as a Member and start volunteering today.



Regular service programmes provide regular interaction with a specific beneficiary group. Youths have the opportunity to deepen their skills and knowledge in that particular sector and thus, will be required to commit for a period of at least 6 months.



Are you interested in:

  • Gaining perspectives of the local and overseas communities as a global citizen
  • Serving the local and overseas communities that you learn from
  • Building your confidence and resilience as a youth expedition leader

If you have answered 'YES' to any of the above, lead or join a Youth Expedition Project today!

Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is a Service-Learning programme by Youth Corps Singapore for youths, involving communities in Asia with a focus on the ASEAN region, China and India.

YEP aims to nurture confident and resilient youths who are active citizens with the desire to make a difference both at home and overseas.

YEP is also a grant which supports youths aged 15 to 35 from educational institutions and registered organisations to embark on Service-Learning projects within the programme.

There are three key phases for every YEP, i.e. Preparation, Overseas Project and Local Project:

  • Preparation project to learn more about social issues in Singapore and overseas host community;
  • Overseas Project with a duration of at least 10 service-learning days (i.e. 10 calendar days to be spent on service-learning activities) to be conducted in a country in Asia, with a primary focus on the ASEAN countries, China or India; and
  • Local Project that meets a local community need, with linkage to the Overseas Project to be conducted in Singapore within 3 months upon return.

What should I note?

  • The preparation phase may take 3 to 5 months to complete. You should start the planning process early and apply no later than 2 months before the start date of your YEP Overseas Project to be considered for funding. Ensure you have the following required documents ready when you submit your application.
  • All YEPs have to be endorsed by an Endorsing Organisation (EO) which is a recognised education institution or not-for-profit organisation based and registered in Singapore. Explore opportunities to lead / participate in a YEP:
    • within your school / organisation; or
    • opportunities posted on the Youth Corps portal and Youth Corps fortnightly emailer

For details of the YEP criteria and requirements, please refer to the YEP Funding and Publicity Guidelines and FAQ.

To apply for the YEP grant, submit “Required Documents for Application” to

For YEP enquiries and assistance in project scoping, you may email us at

Required Documents for Application

  1. YEP Grant Application Form  New
  2. YEP Proposal Template
  3. YEP Budget Template
  4. YEP Participant List  Updated
  5. Endorsement Letter by Endorsing Organisation and Emergency Management Plan
  6. YEP Leaders Training and First Aid Certificates if ready

Required Documents for Project Closure

  1. YEP Team Report Template
  2. YEP Statement of Accounts and Calculation Sheet Templates (endorsed)
  3. All original receipts including YEP Leaders Training and First Aid course fee receipts.
  4. YEP Participant List (if there are changes to the participant list submitted previously)
  5. YEP Leaders Training and First Aid Certificates (if not submitted during application)
  6. YEP Feedback Declaration  New  and YEP Online Feedback Forms:
    1. Overseas Host Partner(s)  New
    2. Local Host Partner(s)  New
    3. YEP Leader(s)  New
    4. YEP Members  New
    5. YEP Grant Application  New (for applications through NYC grants management only)
    6. FAQ for Online Feedback Forms & YEP Feedback Declaration for YEP Leaders  New
  7. Online link(s) to photos and videos of the team during Preparation, Overseas and Local Project

Additional Information / Resources

  1. YCS-YEP Leaders Training Course Details_as of 17 Oct 2018  Updated 17 October 2018
  2. Upcoming runs of Our Little Red Dot and Beyond  Updated 10 October 2018
  3. Eye on Asia by National Library Board  Information on ASEAN countries, China and India
  4. YEP Journal with Scanned Cards
  5. YEP Leader Handbook
  6. YCS-YEP High Resolution Logo

Documents for YEP Programme Funding (PF) Partners only

  1. PF Templates A, B & C
  2. PF Partnership Report

If you are wondering what’s next after the completion of your YEP journey, how about leading the next YEP or take part in other programmes of Youth Corps Singapore?

For more information on events and programmes by Youth Corps Singapore, click on the respective links above. Alternatively, you may also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or drop us an email at See you around!



Youth Corps Leaders Programme

Project Track (6 months)

As a volunteer leader-in-training (also known as Aspirant) you will be empowered to conceptualise and implement your own service-learning project to address real needs on the ground, while rallying other youths to join in your cause over  a period of 6 months . There will also be trainings, mentorship by social sector experts and funding support through your journey.

The programme is designed for youths 17 to 25 years old to achieve the following:

  • Develop community leadership skills through training, mentoring and implementation of a service learning project
  • Gain insight into national issues and challenges, and the individual’s role in shaping Singapore
  • Be empowered to lead, advocate and take action on community issues that they are passionate about
  • Learn to assess community needs and develop partnerships.
  • Lead self and build high performing teams

Youth Corps Leaders Programme (Project Track) commences every December. Application for the Programme opens all year round.

How to apply?

  1. Log in / Sign up at
  2. Click on "Be an Aspirant" button and select "Leaders Programme" tab
  3. Complete and submit application form

Youth Corps Leaders Programme (Immersion) - NEW!  

Immersion Track (Full-time, 10 weeks)

Youth Corps Leaders Programme (Immersion) is a full-time 10-week youth leadership programme which provides training and on-the-job developmental opportunities. This alternative Leaders Programme is designed for youths aged 18 to 25 years old to achieve the following:

  • Develop community leadership skills through training, learning journeys and on-the-job placements in the social sector
  • Gain insight into national issues and challenges, and the individual’s role in shaping Singapore
  • Gain deeper understanding of cause-based issues and social sector
  • Gain the opportunity to plan, coordinate and/or implement activities across different programmes with Social Service Organisation
  • Learn to recruit, manage and retain volunteers

For more information, click here.  

How to apply?

  1. Log in / Sign up at
  2. Click on "Be an Aspirant" button and select "Leaders Programme (Immersion)" tab
  3. Complete and submit application form

Leaders Pathways

Upon completion of Youth Corps Leaders Programme and Youth Corps Leaders Programme (Immersion), Aspirants are conferred as Youth Corps Leaders at the Commencement Ceremony.

YCS Leaders have multiple development pathways to continue volunteering. These include:

  • Projects : Initiate new community projects with our Pay-it-Forward Award (PIFA)
  • Overseas Exposure : Gain global perspectives and learn from international best practices
  • Internship : Intern with Youth Corps Singapore or our Community Partners under the Leaders Internship Programme
  • Volunteer : Take up leadership roles at Youth Corps community service events or regular programmes as a Volunteer Coordinator or EXCO member
  • Assistant Mentor : Guide and mentor Youth Corps Aspirant teams
  • Interest-based Groups : Participate in interest-based clusters based on your areas of interests
  • Leaders Circle : Networking and gathering with other YCS Leaders

Call for Community Partners 

Youth Corps Singapore is seeking to engage and collaborate with interested Community Organisations to create a movement of young people to ignite positive change through community development projects. Youth Corps provides breadth and depth of volunteering opportunities for youths through various programmes, such as the Youth Corps Leaders Programme and Common Space for Common Good (CS4CG) initiative with a range of community service events.

Youth Corps is seeking interested Community Organisations to design, scope and implement service learning projects in the community as part of the (A) Youth Corps Leaders Programme and (B) Common Space for Common Good (CS4CG) initiative.

Interested Community Organisations can submit proposals for the following options:

  1. Community Partners (CPs) to collaborate with Youth Corps Singapore to identify, scope and design local service learning community projects for the Youth Corps Singapore Leaders Programme, OR;
  2. Community Partners (CPs) to collaborate with Youth Corps Singapore to identify, scope and design local service learning community projects for the Youth Corps Singapore Leaders Programme AND Common Space for Common Good (CS4CG) Initiative.

Please download the Request for Proposal.



Set in the heart of Orchard Road, The Red Box is a place for youths to congregate, exchange ideas and take action to make Singapore a better home for all.

What can youths look forward to at The Red Box?

  • Welcome Tea for new Members to find out more about YCS
  • Talks, dialogues and other engagement sessions
  • Participate in hackathons or similar activities to conceptualise and execute social initiatives
  • Training workshops to equip you with useful knowledge and skills to serve the community
  • Join interest groups to further contribute in creating positive impact in the community
  • Support for youths keen to effect positive social change
  • Enriching and fun social events organised by your peers for you


If you are interested to book The Red Box spaces, please contact with your event details.